123 Block/Angle

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This is three different objects inspired by a 123 block. I do a lot of foamboard rc airplane builds and I never have a good square tool to help me hold pieces at right angles while the hot glue dries. I initially decided to make a small right angle, or carpenter square, to help me but I decided to try a simple block that was 1"x2"x3". I decided to make it more of a frame than a block becuase I wanted to save matearial and it would make pressing it against whatever I was trying to hold at a right angle easier. The first object is a 123 block frame with rounded corners. The last two are right angle/square tools. One of them has a scale on one of the 2"x3" sides that mark 1/2" intervals.  As an added bonus, these objects can also help you calibrate your axes. 

About the author:
About me: I was an aircraft mechanic on various models of C-130, including J-models, in the U.S. Air Force for 10 years. I recently graduated from North Carolina State University with. BS in Aerospace Engineering. 3D printers: Makerbot Replicator 5th Gen Prusa I3 Mk3 Slicing software: Slic3r Prusa Edition Simplify 3D MakerBot Print 3D Modeling Software: Solidworks Fusion 360 Meshmixer