Position Ring for SparkMaker FHD

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Position Ring for SparkMaker FHD================================ This is an extension for the SparkMaker FHD resin printer. The cover of the SparkMaker FHD is sitting very loose on the base, this ring gives it a stable position. Required Parts-------------- - 2x M3x16 countersunk head (for right side)- 2x M3x20 countersunk head (for left side) Printing-------- - print upside down- add brim or brim ears to improve bed adhesion- the ring is designed to be printed without support Installation------------ WARNING: You will need to open your printer mount the ring!If you feel unconformable with this, just use the screws on the right side. 1. Remove the upper 2 screws of the fan (ventilation holes) on the right sides. 2. Open your printer -> see the manual. If you do not want to open your printer, add the ring and skip to step the last step!3. Remove the upper 2 screws of the fan (ventilation holes) on the left sides by holding the nuts inside the printer.4. put the ring in place5. use the M3x20 screws and the original nuts to fix the ring on the left side6. close your printer5. use the M3x16 screws to fix the ring on the right side



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