Holy Spirit Flame Dove

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This is a design I came across some 50 years ago, which I adapted to making wood carvings as gifts. It makes a great keychain item, or fridge magnet, and just as a keepsake. It represents Holy Spirit as a descending dove that landed on Jesus after His water baptism. At the same time, it resembles a tongue of flame that appeared on the 120 followers of Jesus in the upper room. (References in the Bible New Testament.) Also, if you turn it sideways, it resembles an angel fish. I've carved these in many materials including leather. This one I designed in Tinkercad. I've also included a file with a hole to be used as a pendant. I reduced the thickness by half and printed one in red and one in white, then glued them together, just for the colour effect. Enjoy! Update: I just added a second version with a more defined beak. Either version is great; I'm still learning Tinkercad. :)



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