Explosive Kabeira New 3DS XL Case and Stylus - Monster Hunter Generations

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My Entry for the Monster Hunter Generations Competition. I made a model of the Explosive Kabeira Gun lance from the reference images and turned it into a case and Stylus for the New Nintendo 3DS XL. The shield is mounted on top of the case for extra protection and the gun lance became the stylus so you can play with extra firepwoer. It's a little prickly to play with but that's nothing a seasoned hunter can't handle ;) Each horn was individually modeled to be unique and the Monster Hunter Generations emblem is embossed on the back. There are slots so you can change games, use the head phone jack, store the original stylus, use the power switch and use the shoulder buttons at the back. The hinge at the back needs an M3 bolt and nut to work. If the dimensions aren't perfect let me know as I did not have a New Nintendo 3DS XL to test them on. All modelling was done in Fusion 360 and printing on an Ultimaker 2+. I provided STL's for a version with horns seperated in case it does not fit on smaller printers. Cura's rough estimate is 3 and a half days to print with a 0.4 mm nozel at 50 mm/s print speed. Some of the finer detail on the stylus would be better with a 0.25 mm nozel. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to do a full sized print and paint it myself before the submission deadline. I have printed parts quickly at a reduced scale so the quality is a little off and I've given some crude renders of what it's roughly meant to look like with colour. Happy monster hunting :)

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