Matryoshka Buildings (Resin Printer Remix)

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This is a modified version of SgtBeltFed's "Apartment Buildings - Matryoshka Doll Style", which are intended to fit inside each other for transport. His original is designed for FDM printers, this one has been modified and pre-supported for printing with SLA printers. I removed the bases and scaled them down slightly to better fit in my KR Case (they are just the right height for a 2/3 height tray with at least 40mm x 40mm slots). I also added some detail to the roofs and shortened the height of the stairwell so it's not proud of the ledge; this means less damage during storage and also makes it easier to place models on top if desired. FYI The hole through the stairwell on the roof allows airflow during printing and while slotting the buildings into each other. I've included all three in a single file, I was able to print all three in a single go on my Longer Orange, I believe the file is small enough for most small resin printers. There is room to push the buildings closer together if desired, you'll just need to edit them in some 3D software. I have carefully added supports in places that they come off easily and are relatively easy to clean up with a bit of sandpaper. I arranged the buildings upside so there would be no support on the insides, so the insides would be smooth and would not scratch the smaller buildings.



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