Geometry Headphone Wall Mount V1

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This is an entry into the SilverStone wall-mounted headphone stand design competition in collaboration with Linus Tech Tips.Please cast your vote for this entry by downloading it.You can view Linus' video about the competition here:  

About the author:
Wan Muhammad Irfhan is my name, raised and brought up with education in mechanical engineering field with wild imaginations of how would the world would look like in future. Fall in love with in Invention, product design, Photography, Psychology, Economic, philosophy and entrepreneurship. Fascinated with Leonardo Da vinci, Jacques Fresco, Ross loveglove, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and Nasssim Haramein. I envision of a world where everyone works together in groups all over the world to build a better future. A future where renewable energy is prevailing and wireless technology is used everywhere in the world as Nikola envision when he was still alive. I do accept any suggestions of 3D models that you would like be designed in 3d. Just drop me a message on myminifactory profile or send me a message on my email: [email protected]


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