Icosahedron / Dodecahedron ball, 300mm

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A dodecahedron is the dual of an icosahedron; for every vertex of one there is an edge of the other. To make this 300mm diameter ball, print 30 of the icosahedron struts and 12 of the dodecahedron panels, either round or pentagonal. (The pentagonal ones will end up allowing the ball to roll a little bit better, as well as printing a little bit faster.) Use zip-ties in the provided holes to attach the struts together into an icosahedron, then if you want to make the full ball, attach the dodecahedron panels with 25mm flat head m3 screws or 1 1/8" #6 wood screws. You'll need 12 zip ties and 60 screws. There are some tiny built-in supports that can be removed with a hobby knife after printing.

About the author:
I'm a mechanical engineer and designer in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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