Dog Pet Cookie Cutter

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Designing an original beautiful cookie cutter using Fusion 360 is very simple. I use the free image from the Internet and design a good-looking cookie cutter. It is nice and very simple. Hope you will like it.Please use good quality PLA as filament. Otherwise, it is not good for food safety.Please like and share with your friend. Thanks a lot. Have a nice day.

About the author:
Henry Wang
I am a former scientific researcher who usually worked in University and academic institutes. I am interested in making things using 3D printer. Since this April I worked alone at home. I am now focused on making improvement of household small things better use or invent some useful or dammy stuff which makes life happy. I will continuously upload my stuff here and upload videos on Youtube. Please check my youtube channel and subscribe. I will not fail you. Everything I designed has some unique new ideas which no one ever noticed yet. I will share it with you and wish you also share your experience with us. Make our world a better place. Hope you will have a nice day. subscribe to my channel


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