Build Plate Holder for SparkMaker FHD

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Build Plate Holder for SparkMaker FHD===================================== This is an utility for the SparkMaker FHD resin printer. This utility is designed to hold your build plate while dripping the resin or cleaning, so you don't need to put it on the table.It has a spring loaded head for easy adjustment of the angle of the build plate.   Required Parts-------------- - 1x M5x25 hex screw- 1x M5 nut- 1x M4x35 hex screw- 1x M4 washer- 1x M4x30 countersunk screw- 2x M4 nut- 1x approx. D6x20 spring- 1x base plate (about 160x160mm)- 4x M4 screws and nuts, or self-tapping countersunk screws- 1x D15x160 pipe   Printing-------- - All parts are designed to be printed without support.   Installation------------ 1. insert the hex screws into the Screw Head parts2. insert both M4 nuts into the Pipe Adapter (The nut for the spring screw has to be inserted through the pipe hole)3. put the M4 countersunk screw through the spring and screw the Build Plate Adapter and Pipe Adapter together Fasten the screw so that the spring locks the two parts together, but is lose enough so that both parts can be rotated easily.4. insert the M5 nut into the Build Plate Adapter together with the M5 hand screw5. use the 4 countersunk screws to fasten the Pipe Base on the base plate6. fix the pipe in the Pipe Base7. mount the Pipe Adapter on the pipe and secure it in position with the M4 hand screw (Put a washer between the screw and the printed part.)  



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