Indexing Gear

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This is a multi-purpose mechanism called an indexing gear (I think). The larger gear spins continuously and its partial teeth engage with the smaller gear, making it rotate 180º with every rotation of the larger gear. This assembly uses skateboard bearings (608 ZZ) to achieve the smooth rotational motion. I made a pingpong ball hopper with a trigger attachment to demonstrate the action. Check out the instructable for all the details about how to make your own:

About the author:
I am a full-time Designer at the Instructables Design Studio (best job ever). My background is in residential architecture, film set design, film animatronics, media arts, exhibit design, and electronics. I use digital design and fabrication to create furniture, toys, and whatever else comes to mind. All of my projects are described in detail on Instructables, follow the URL to make them yourself!


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