Son of Niobe

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Kneeling Youth - possibly Ilioneus, son of Niobe, Munich, Staatliche Antikensammlungen und Glyptothek, Greek classical, about 300 B.C., acquired 1897, plaster copy, The Royal Cast Collection (Copenhagen, Denmark). Made with Memento Beta (now ReMake) from AutoDesk.In Greek mythology, Niobe was a daughter of Tantalus and of either Dione, the most frequently cited, or of Eurythemista or Euryanassa, and the sister of Pelops and Broteas. Niobe’s father is referred to as “Phrygian” and sometimes even as “King of Phrygia”. Niobe boasted of her fourteen children, seven male and seven female (the Niobids), to Leto who only had two children, the twins Apollo and Artemis.For more update, please follow @GeoffreyMarchal on Twitter.

About the author:
EN: Scientist passionate of computer graphic and science simulation and visualization. I started doing computer grqphic at 19, in 1993. Passing from POV-RAY to LightWave, Houdini, 3DStudio, 3DS Max, Blender. In 2014, I have started 3D scanning with first a Kinect from Microsoft and afterward moved to photogrammetry. Photogrammetry is more flexible and I use mainly 123D Catch and Memento beta, both from Autodesk. In 2015, I started 3D printing with a Solidoodle Press. FR: Scientifique travaillant dans une universite. Je suis passionne par les images de synthese depuis 1993 commencant avec POV-RAY, passant par LightWave et 3DSMax. Depuis 2009, je suis exclusivement sur Blender. En 2014, j' ai decouvert le scan 3D via la Kinect et tres vite j'ai change pour la photogrammetrie. La photogrammetrie permet de faire des scan 3D plus facilement avec un simple appareil photo. J' utilise principalement 123D Catch et Memento beta, les deux produit par Autodesk. En 2015, j'ai debute avec l'impression 3D avec une Solidoodle Press


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