Death Mask of Robert Owen

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Robert Owen was a successful industrialist, but more importantly, he was a social reformer whose ideas on the ethical treatment of workers scandalised his 19th-century contemporaries. His idealistic model village at New Lanark earned him the title, "the father of socialism". Owen is buried in the churchyard of St Mary's here in his birthplace of Newtown, but his life is preserved in this fascinating museum.

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The collection consists of 12,000 objects and specimens that tell the story of 300 years of anatomical teaching at the University of Edinburgh. About one third of the museum’s collection is related to pathology, anatomy and zoology. This includes models, skeletal remains, dried and fluid preserved specimens. The rest of the collections include phrenology, pharmacology, ethnography, forensics and anatomical and other artworks. The museum displays a number of unique objects including the skull of George Buchanan (tutor to James VI), a dissected body with the lymphatic system injected with mercury (1788) and the skeleton of notorious murderer William Burke (1829). In 2016 the Anatomical Museum was awarded ‘Accredited’ status by Museums Galleries Scotland.


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