Nordic-Inspired Multi-color Architectural Model

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This architectural model's sharp peaks were inspired by a Scandinavian golf club and Canada's Mount Rundle, while the thickness and space of the scaffolding in the glass was inspired by Isaac's Lightfield Building. We've also included the Simplify3D Factory File to show exactly how this was sliced (10% infill, no top/bottom layers on the Windows.stl model) and the original Inventor file for those who have the software and want to mess with the model. Inspired by: Mount Rundle: Scandinavian Golf Club: Isaac's Lightfield Building:   Nordic-Inspired Multi-color Architectural Model by MosaicManufacturing is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

About the author:
We make Palette (, a device that takes up to 4 different filaments and splices them together into a single multi-segment filament, which can upgrade most 1.75mm printers to use up to 8 filaments at once!


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