Kappa Spearman - Blood Orange Miniatures

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Color: This is a free miniature from my Patreon project, Blood Orange Miniatures. Blood Orange is focused on creating dynamic japanese themed miniatures with a range of Kunoichi available and Samurai on the way on 2nd of August. I will also be creating a line of monsters and creatures from Japanese folklore and wanted to start with a Kappa, free as a bonus to everyone. Please enjoy the mini, and check out the Patreon if you want more! Matt Blood Orange Miniatures  

About the author:
Blood Orange Miniatures I started Blood Orange Minis to share my miniature designs with the world. I would love any feedback or suggestions on where you would like this project to go. To start, I'm aiming to release packs of three miniatures a month, plus a variety of scatter terrain and bonuses. I'm hoping to gift some custom minis and maybe do some commissions in the future for Patrons, so stay tuned! Matt Blood Orange Miniatures


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