Hexagonal Ship Stands

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This is a full set of shipstands and 10mm tokens for tabletop games. They are designed to have round, 6mm diameter and 3mm high magnets on top. Different tokens without and with symbols can be used to indicate the status of a ship, for example if it has been moved yet or if it is beeing targeted by others. Additionally, the set comes with a "course helper" that can be placed below each stand and that provides help in positioning the ships in 12 different directions (as typical to full thrust). This set contains: 15 different ships stands of different heights (30,50 and 70mm), minimal base length = 32mm. A course helper that fits with the 32mm bases. 10mm rectangle and round tokens (Blank, Arrow, Circle, Eye, mines, Reticule, Rocket, RocketSwarm, Shield and Torpedo, Fighters, Bombers Symbols). 10mm Blank Dice and a numbered dice A flat blank Hex tile and a slightly larger blank hex tile (for basing other minies) 2 flat Hex tiles with token holders for round and square and direction indicator. additional variants for the flat token holders with Missile Swarm, Fighters and Bombers symbols and much more... (see changelog) Update: Here you can find multi-ship adapters Primary use is Full Thrust and Argosy Command. But because of the flexible token system, I hope they can be used for quite a lot of different games. Let me know in the comments if you are missing a specific symbol or for what games you like to use them! Modification note: I would be happy if others pick this system up, create more tokens or alternative ship stands that can also hold this size of tokens or that just have a cool other sci-fi style. I think organic or more industrial styled ship stands would be really cool.   Changelog: Update 8.1.2021- Added: RangeHelper - tool that can be use to move the bases up to 6 inches. One side for hex, the other for the navigation wheel spikes.- Added: Height Extender - can be put on top of a stand to extend it's height and to track and show different heights of the ship.- Added: 4mmMagnetInsert versions of the stands. Instead of a 6mm radius, 3mm height magnet, theese take 4mm radius, 2-3mm height magnets in an enclosure. This protects the magnet. I recommend 3mm height magnets because they have more power.   Update 8.1.2021- Added: SoloTokenTrayV22x10mmSquareToken32w3h- Added: CourseHelperXWing2Square32w4h- Added: CourseHelperDropfleetCommanderSquare32w4h- Updated Rendered Preview- Fixed 10mm numbered dice: Number 5 was the wrong direction Update 15.1.2021 - Update: Went over all files and cleaned up naming- Update: Went over all files and cleaned up diameters- Added additional heights, BaseHexes with 0 height and HeightExtenders- Added a README.txt with additional information on how to get started Update 25.1.2021- Revised peg and hole diameters, added some 0-tolerance versions- Added additional arrows to the normal HexBases In case the download seems to be empty, myminifactory did not update the content yet, try to download it directly from:



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