PolyRocks // Climbing Holds

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My second set of rock climbing holds modeled in VR. I printed these in Carbonyte by, a carbon fiber nylon 12 mix that provides a great texture and just the right balance of hardness and flexibility to make pretty awesome climbing holds. Matterhackers also sells a similar product here (somewhat more affordable, but both cost more than standard filaments). Each hold is a two part file designed to be printed with two processes so the central core that the bolt goes through can be printed at 100% infill, while the rest is printed at a lower infill to save material. Check out my video to see just how I did that!   The holds will probably need to be rotated in the slicer because I couldn't easily rotate them without misaligning the parts.. my bad!

About the author:
Hi, I'm Devin! I run a YouTube channel called Make Anything and I believe everyone should have access to well designed products. As it turns out, 3D printing is a great way to do just that! I like making both functional models and delightful objects that spark inspiration.


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