Low-poly Aston Martin Vulcan

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This is a low-poly Aston Martin Vulcan. Designed to be printed without supports at 0.1mm layer height if you have a solid machine with plenty of cooling. The wheels car be printed at larger layer heights. Print this at full size, otherwise the wheels may not fit properly. The wheels are designed to turn but they are a tight fit so that they feel solid with the body. Please like, share, donate, or follow me here if you like the design. Check out some of my stylized rendering NFTs of these cars here: Happy printing!

About the author:
Turtle Man
I have a passion for minimal design, 3D printing, animals, and automobiles. Consider supporting me by buying an NFT GIF over on my Rarible page and get a cool digital collectible to go with your 3D print. I plan on continuing to release STL files free here on MyMiniFactory.


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