Photoconduction: 3D Printing Industry Awards 2020 Trophy

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Note: the parts are at a greater scale than the 125mm^3 maximum requirements. To fit within the maximum area, they can be printed at 75% scale. This was done as my computer cannot handle parts at a small scale such as this.   The design for this was inspired by some of the unique properties of 3D printing. A section of the centre base is clear, semi-frosted SLA plastic. If the trophy is set on a light-emitting surface, the light is conducted up through the base into both the lattice tree and the clear disc in the centre. This takes advantage of the transparent properties of SLA. The Lattice shield around the trunk of the tree is incredibly fine, and only printable using SLA or MJF. While it is not connected to the base, and therefore not as luminescent as the other SLA components, it is still clear and will refract light. The Base is only easily printable using powder-bed technology and takes advantage of the ability to print microfeatures included with the technology. The lower blades of the base are detailed with "3D Printing Industry Awards 2020" and the core values of the Awards such as "Community" and "Creativity". It also is imprinted with the "3DPI" and the associated logo. The Lattice tree is partially designed off of the classic "tree supports", as well as actual trees. You know, the ones found in nature. The tips of the branches are hollow and glow with a little ring at the end.  

About the author:
Hi! I'm Levi. I've been designing and 3D printing models for over 3 years. Leave a comment, because I'd love to get to know you. Check out my designs below, and if you want to see something, or need a design done don't hesitate to ask me! I'd love to help. Don't forget to post any makes you do! I'd love to see them. If you have any prints or designs, send me a message!


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