Venus de Milo (Aphrodite of Milos)

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Digitised with an Artec Eva. Venus (Aphrodite) is the goddess of love. She was depicted in the nude or in various stages of nudity (and painted). The figure is executed in the Hellenistic style and famed for its sensuous appearance. It supposedly lost its arms in a struggle arising between two groups of soldiers who sought to claim it as loot when it was first discovered on the island of Milos. The statue’s fame is partly the result of propaganda. It was discovered in 1820 and acquired by the French state shortly after Napoleon’s fall in 1815, at which point the French had to return another Venus figure, the Venus Medici (KAS1241) to Italy after Napoleon had seized it as spoils of war. To compensate for their loss the French promoted the Venus de Milo as the loveliest of all antique statues of woman. An Englishman even commissioned a plaster cast as early as 1822, despite the fact that the French and the English were arch-enemies at the time, and today the statue remains far more famous than the Venus Medici. - Henrik Holm, senior research curator at SMK   This is a 3D scan of a plaster cast of the sculpture ‘Venus de Milo (Aphrodite of Milos)’ dated to circa 450 BCE. The scan is made from the cast (ref. KAS434/1) in The Royal Cast Collection at SMK – National Gallery of Denmark. This is a downscaled (ca. 10 mb) version. To read more about the 3D scans of casts in The Royal Cast Collection and download all the high ress 3D models go to: If you produce new work with the model and want to share it with us, drop us a line at [email protected]

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SMK - Statens Museum for Kunst
The Statens Museum for Kunst (National Art Museum of Denmark) was founded in 1849 when the Danish royal collections became property of the people. Today we at SMK want to contribute to building a more creative and reflective society that values its history and cherishes difference.


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