RS-LM 2014 Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro “The Ali"

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By: Brett [email protected] ARTICLES/MEDIA 3ders Competitionx.com RC Car Action Magazine Instructables write-up VIDEOS Audi R18 commercials RS-LM videoswalk-around driving LS-LM Chassis without body driving demos Night Walk around Night driving Chassis Link   RS-LM 2014 Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro “The Ali"This car is about inspiration. I first planned on nicknaming this car “the Edwin” after one of my best friends. The R18 LMP1 race car and Audi’s commercials featuring it have always inspired me. One in particular, that beautifully imagined what it would be like if people drove an R18 as an every day car as a brilliant way to show how Audi’s racing technology makes it into their production cars. That commercial has always stuck with me as the ultimate in imagination and dreams for a car fan. However, that nickname had to change because recently my hero died, so it has a new nickname “The Ali.” So, this car is about inspiration, and about inspiring others in the way that those commercials and Muhammad Ali inspired me. So this car, is my tribute to The Greatest of all time: Muhammad Ali and to Audi’s amazing R18 race car. A fitting tribute because Audi called this black R18 “black beauty” and Ali always said he was the prettiest. Enjoy it, Be inspired by it. Rest in peace Champ! Let’s Go Audi! tomorrow in the 24 Hours of Lemans June 17-18 “I’ve done wrestled with alligators,I’ve tussled with a whale.I done handcuffed lightning—throw thunder in jail.” -Muhammad ali Enjoy it, Be inspired by it. About the car Love and watching the 24 hours of LemansI love watching the 24 hours of Leman! I’ve been staying up and watching it for years nows, and this weekend I will be sitting up at my computer watching the laps go by as the race turns from light to dark to back to light again. I’ve always rooted for the former champs Audi, who dominated the LMP1 class until Porsche’s re-emergence in the sport last year. I’ve seen their cars evolve from the R-10 to the R15, to the cockpited R18. This particular version, the 2014 Audi R18, was to me, the most beautiful iteration. It was beautiful with a hint of ugly—almost like perfection need a flaw. When I decided to do a Lemans car, there was no other car that I wanted more than this one. ”I’m so Mean” “I murdered a Rock, injured a stone—Hospitalized a brick! I’m so mean I make medicine sick.” -Muhammad Ali This is the prototype version of the 2014 Audi R18. I choose the pre-race version rather than the racing version because it consists of my favorite colors: black and red, and it is also easier to print versus the white version that has a variety of many color patches. This car varied from the racing version in some areas: the front fenders have openings, the wing endplates hang over the rear of the car, and other crucial difference, but wow is it strikingly mean! There is something magical that happens when a car is completely black. It just looks sinister and evil. Like it is Darth Vader’s car or the batmobile. The black on this car is Real Black from Solutech 3D filament. The red accents are Real Red as well as the grey which is Real Grey are also from Solutech 3D.   ”I’m Pretty” “I’m handsome, I’m pretty, and cannot possibly be beat.” -Muhammad Ali I designed the car and chassis in Fusion360 in the last month. I try to be as close to the original car that I can possibly be so that you see the R18 when you look at it, and not a representation of it. Some changes had to be made, mainly a box for the rear suspension because real car’s differentials are not 1/2 the height of the car, but I’m proud of the finished product, and it looks incredibly gorgeous. (if anyone would like to just make a model I have the correct rear without the suspension box). I printed it at 1/128 micro stepping at .2 layer height. I also have to give credit to Simplify3d and it’s amazing tool paths, and Bondtech extruder-I believe these two products helped make the car look beautiful.   ”Too much Speed for him, I’m Fast! Too Fast!” “I’m so fast that last night I turned off the light switch, and was in bed before the room was dark.” -Muhammad Ali This car is build to be fast. No only does this car look fast, but it was actually meant to be fast! The RS-LM chassis that I developed was designed to fit the largest and fastest motors that you can stick in an RC car. I am running the car with a 13.5T motor, a much faster motor than the 21.5T motor in my F1 car. It has a long wheel base (320mm wheel base) for stability, all wheel drive with the capability to run two differentials or a one way gear in the front. The RS-LM’s extra room also makes it so that it can fit standard size lipo batteries (148mm long). The car’s 3d printed rims use F1 front tires, but the car can also fit touring car rims and tires. This car is low! The RS-LM fits all of these features into an extremely low profile package—the highest point of the car is 56mm, all to keep the weight down low for better cornering and speed, and to allow for an extremely realistic LMP1 body.   -Muhammad Ali Chassis: RS-LM Lemans RC chassis. Long wheel base 320mm Belt driven drivetrain All wheel drive two differentials Larger battery capacity Built for speed—high powered motors Adjustable ride height Adjustable camber F1 front tires Low— fit all the mechanics of a touring car body into 38mm tall.   Enjoy this car.. “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Rumble young man, Rumble.” -Muhammad Ali. Goodbye Champ.   Manuals Inluded: RS-LM Part ListRS-LM Assembly Manual*Audi R18 Body Assembly Guide   link to manuals

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I am passionate about racing cars and racing technology. I build designs that hopefully shock and amaze the 3d printing world, in an attempt to push the limits


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