OpenRC 1:10 Formula 1 car

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  Please respect the license under which this project is released. Thank you! This is the OpenR/C Formula 1 car. It´s the third generation OpenR/C car and this time around focus is on simplicity! You can print everything in PLA except the tires which are done in NinjaFlex! Of course you can print it in any material you like but for those that want to print a car but only have PLA at hand, this is the project for you! Documentation (not complete due to technical problems) can be found here: A note on the servo saver. It´s designed to be used with PLA, the upper and lower BOM applies force similar to a spring in a convetional servo saver. Of course the pressure depends on the type of material used, infill etc. Fine tuning can be done adding washer under or over the servo saver. The "Main Turning Vane´s" needs to have it´s lower part trimmed using a "exacto knife". Then slide it in the chassie plate and push it over the "Lid" and it should snap into place- Parts that need support added:Front Spoiler.stlFront.stlRear Rim.stlRear Wing.stlServo Saver Lower.stl Things to buy:Ok, obviously you need some filament which you´ll get from your favourite filament supplier.You also need M3 screws and nuts which you can get at your local hardware store. Check the BOM list for what to get.Some bearings are needed aswell, check the BOM list or buy a kit from but not least you need electronics and here´s what i got, all from HobbyKing:ESC and motor combo: Servo This is what i bought and i think it´s not very good, please let me know if you have a better revommendation. and Receiver (i use something else but this is a "cheap" alternative): you are new to this whole R/C hobby you´ll also need a LiPo charger for the battery. Ask in the Google + Community for recommendations: tires designed by Thomas Palm are available here: profile rims & tires designed by Thomas Palm are available here:

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Father of #3DBenchy and author of The OpenR/C Project and The OpenRailway Project. Sometimes i make videos 3D printing reel:


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